Bus driver dissatisfied riding a takeaway guy shot door mad chase stop beaten

Lu Mouqing driving the bus to catch up
The new bus dissatisfied with the cycling service guy beat the bus door, the bus driver to drive the bus to catch up, stop and beat the guy to minor injuries. Yesterday, Yuexiu District Court of the defendant Lu Mouqing suspected intentional injury in accordance with the law of public pronouncement, sentenced to nine months in prison. The court found that, at 7:20 on March 7, 2016 Xu, the victim Liu riding a bike through the Guangzhou Yuexiu District Dongfeng East Road Jincheng Garden Station 2, the defendant Lu Mouqing driving 261 bus to The station docked, because the bus and the motor vehicle lane is relatively close to Liu, Liu hand beat the bus door, then continue to ride before the line. Lu Mouqing that is driving the bus to catch up, in Meiyung Road and Dongfeng East Road at the junction of pedestrian bridge to catch up and stop Liu. Lumou clear off the fist repeatedly hit Liu, causing Liu light injury two. March 8, Lu Mouqing to Yuexiu District Bureau plum blossom village police station surrendered. Defendant Lu Mouqing said there was no opinion on the verdict, to consider whether to appeal.

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