Media: Somalia killed the armed police had been shot in the wounded reluctant to withdraw the country

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will communicate closely with the relevant departments
September 26, the Somali capital "Peninsula Palace" hotel was suicide bombers attack, the Chinese Embassy in the hotel, a security guard for the armed police were killed, three staff Minor injuries. 27 "Global Times" reporter was informed that the name of the armed police from the Shandong Armed Police Corps Zhang Nan, and in April this year, once in a terrorist attack shot injury. Zhang Nan went to Somalia on January 31 this year to carry out the task. April 14, Zhang Nan in a terrorist attack in the left chest shot. After the awakening of the unit leader to talk to him, the bloody soldier firmly said that no less than the line of fire, unwilling to withdraw the country. It is reported that Zhang Nan is the armed police Shandong Corps, "Top Ten Non-commissioned officers," one of the "top ten training model" one. Twice as a good soldier, twice by the awards, twice won the third class. In the circle of WeChat friends, Zhang Nan's comrades in arms show tribute and tribute, they said, "his only sister died of cancer last year, he is the endless grief buried in the bottom of my heart, hesitate to fought out of peace. The military and the military are still silent in the writing of sacrifice and dedication. Resting, heroic soldiers! "According to public reports, in some war, the turmoil in the region of the embassy will have our armed forces with the implementation of security work, such as Iraq and Somalia. These armed police officers in the foreign period will be more dangerous disposal, to withstand the severe test. It is understood that the implementation of security missions in Somalia is the Armed Police Corps and the Shandong Corps officers and men. From the Ministry of Foreign Affairs news, at present, China has been in Mogadishu and Beijing, respectively, to ask for negotiations. Suo Fang said he would take all necessary measures to deal with the wounded, properly handle the relevant issues, to ensure that China's security agencies and personnel. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will work closely with the relevant departments to do the work of the victims, follow the situation closely, strengthen their own security precautions, and protect the security and interests of the Chinese authorities and personnel. On April 18 this year, the Chinese Embassy in Somalia issued a consular security reminder. The reminder said that so far the capital Mogadishu has occurred four serious terrorist attacks (together every month), the first three attacks are the hotel, April 14 attacked the Ministry of Education building, resulting in a large number of casualties. There have also been many incidents in the Puntland region. The reminder suggested that you choose to stay around the buffer and explosion-proof walls, anti-collision facilities, security measures close to the hotel. Check with the hotel side to accept security, registration of personal information. Close the doors and windows at night, pull the curtains. Do not stay in the hotel courtyard or room window for a long time, do not wait and watch the balcony. Go out with armed security personnel accompanying, go fast back, to avoid crowded people or military and political departments and other sensitive areas, do not travel at night.

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